Decorating Accessories

Accessorizing your home is like adding that perfect piece of jewelry to finish off your favorite outfit. The accessories give you an expression of your own complete style. 




Bringing the WOW Factor to Your Environment

Many people start decorating before dealing with the most important parts. Sherrie will take an inventory of what you have to work with in your home. Many times it is just a matter of eliminating or adding to what is currently in the home.

Accessorizing does not mean filling in all empty spaces, the tendency to buy too much with too little space is very common. There is a fineness to the introduction of just the right color and size accessories to your space.

Tall trees for texture and softening, a sparkling chandelier for drama, or colorful pillows for accent have the potential to make all the difference. Unforgettable impressions and moments are created when Sherrie Swass brings her unique and electric touch to the design of your environment.