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Do you want to refresh your home but do not know where to start? Sherrie, with over 25 years of professional
interior design experience has created the perfect solution for you.

ATTENTION: Do-It-Yourselfers

  • Are you looking for a design professional to help you order the ‘right’ furnishings on line?

  • Need help in color decisions, art, sizes and selections of furnishings?

  • Do you want to order your own furnishings online?

  • Do you know what you like but do not know how to place it?

  • Do you need professional design advice in choosing the right sizes of furnishings with proportion to the space?

  • Do you want to order your own furniture & be responsible for deliveries and problems on orders?

What to Expect
DIY Interior Design

Sherrie will come to your home or office and consult with you for 2 hours on what you need to create your vision you’ve discussed when you are together.

Once the consultation & measurements are completed you will shop together for products online that are suitable for the space you are working on.

You will be provided with a quick sketch of where furnishings will be placed. This will include furniture, window coverings, art, and any other products that are discussed during the consultation. You will share websites that are suitable for your individual product needs.

Interior Design Roseville

Design By The Hour
Start With Two Hours

  • Are you looking for a design professional to create a design plan & implementation in 3-4 weeks?

  • Sherrie will schedule a consultation and take total responsibility of the project, from concept to completion, including design, ordering furnishings and installation.

  • Are you a busy person who wants a design professional to work with you in creating a home that looks and feels cohesive, and complete the project without taking on the responsibility for the nitty gritty behind the scenes issues?

  • Do you want your home to be done from concept to completion in 3-4 weeks?

  • Are you down-sizing? Need direction on what to keep and what to eliminate in our new environment?

  • Does your home need to be refreshed? Want a design plan & product knowledge of what is currently on the market?

Interior Design Roseville


Sherrie will come to your home or office for your scheduled 2 hour consultation. During this time…you will discuss how you want your home to “feel”. This will include color scheme, personal likes and a presentation of possible furnishings that could that could be implemented in your home. Fabric swatches & photos are provided.

Next step is a second meeting the includes a presentation of visual color board & itemized list of pricing on selected furnishings. This is where we get a clear picture of furnishings and placement. We can make any changes at this point.

Step three is the final agreement on furnishings, window coverings, art and accessories needed for the project. 3-4 week from concept to completion. Sherrie takes full responsibility of ordering all furnishings to installation.

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