Feng Shui placement design

Sherrie Swass Interiors has been implementing Feng Shui into her room designs for years. Feng Shui design does not necessarily mean placing crystals and Buddhas in every corner of your home. Feng Shui is bringing Harmony & Balance to an environment.

  • When our spaces are balanced, we are relaxed and we feel better. This feeling is accomplished by designing a room with the laws of nature. We live in boxes but nature’s design has meandering curves. When looking at a space we want to unblock the natural flow of energy. This can be achieved by creating roundness in a space.
  • Sherrie has the knowledge and experience to create Unique and “Feeling Good” spaces. Most of us gravitate to the mountains or the water. We are capable of creating the same relaxed feeling in our own personal spaces. When we are relaxed and focused we have less confusion in our lives.
  • When I approach a new client’s home, the first subject we address is proper placement of major pieces of furniture. The Power of Placement is not new. This mystic art has been practiced for thousands of years in China.
  • Feng Shui dictates the placement of objects within the home. What does all this mean? If you believe that every thing generates an energy field (called chi) in your space, you can feel the difference when an object such as a sofa is moved in your home.
  • My main objective while doing a consultation in a new client’s home is to make their home flow and connect from one room to another as if they are moving along a meandering path in a forest.