Window coverings are misunderstood in our home and commercial interiors. Window Coverings should provide a function such as privacy, sun protection, shading and etc., but they are also a crucial element in the final design of a room. Window coverings add or subtract to the ambiance of a room. To see more about Window Coverings, go to our Sofas and Window Coverings website.

Proper selection is crucial in the final determination of what product is most beneficial to the total environment. Most consumers do not understand that window coverings create a background for your entire room. If the window coverings are not selected properly, your entire room will be out of balance.

It is not unusual to select one product for function and another product for simply aesthetic appeal such as drapery side panels to pull a room together.
If budget is an issue, start with the function product first. You can always complete the second step at a later time.