Window Coverings

Looking Beyond The Window

Window coverings are misunderstood in our home and commercial interiors. Window Coverings should provide a function such as privacy, sun protection, shading and etc., but they are also a crucial element in the final design of a room. Widow coverings add or subtract to the ambiance of a room. To see more about Window Coverings, go to our Sofa and Window Coverings Website.

Window Covering Selection 

  • Proper selection is crucial in the final determination of what product is most beneficial to the total environment.
  • Window Covering’s create a background for your entire room. If the window coverings are not selected properly, your entire room will be out of balance
  • Select something colorful that stops your eyes from drifting outside and keeps your attention in the confines of the given room.
  • Soft Window Coverings usually provide the softening and decorative touch that most homes need.

There is no one way to do Window Coverings

Some Questions that you should ask yourself before making a choice

Is there a large amount of wall space on all sides of the window?

How much room is available above the window to mount a head rail?

Do you want hard or Soft Window Coverings?

Are you interested in Stacking?

Stacking applies to both horizontal and vertical covering products